How will you travel around Australia?

If you want to spend some time travelling around Australia then there are various ways you could choose to travel. You could choose to take a tent or a caravan or a camper trailer on your travels. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages. Travelling with a tent A tent is always the cheapest option, and carrying minimal gear will allow you to go off-trail and to reach almost anywhere in the country that you want to explore. Read More 

3 considerations for buying caravan awning spares

Whether you've gone full out with a top of the line RV, or if you just bought a small run-around for the weekend, damage is an unfortunate but often inevitable part of caravan ownership. One of the most common parts to go wrong is the awning. Comprised of small parts which can be prone to becoming lose and falling out, as well as larger parts which are easily broken, the awning is a prone to these problems. Read More