3 considerations for buying caravan awning spares

Whether you've gone full out with a top of the line RV, or if you just bought a small run-around for the weekend, damage is an unfortunate but often inevitable part of caravan ownership. One of the most common parts to go wrong is the awning. Comprised of small parts which can be prone to becoming lose and falling out, as well as larger parts which are easily broken, the awning is a prone to these problems. Thankfully, with the huge boom in the popularity of camping, caravan awning spares are easy to come by. However, there's still a few key considerations to keep in mind when you're looking for parts to repair your pride and joy.

Genuine or generic

While the top brands have always made caravan awning spares for the vehicles in their range, over the past few years there has also been a significant increase in generic parts becoming available. These are parts which almost exactly replicate the original, but are made by a different company. The big advantage here is cost. Caravan awning spares can quickly add up if you need to replace several parts, and opting for generic replacements can be a good way to save money. Of course, a key downside is the risk that they won't work exactly how the original did. While this may not be a problem for smaller parts, ropes or clamps, it can be risky for larger parts of the awning. 

Usually, this comes down to the trade off between cost and quality, however do be sure to check any insurance policies, warranty documents or guarantees which may specify that you will void the contract if you don't use original parts.

Online vs in-store

The internet has opened up a huge range of options for those looking to buy caravan awning spares. However, many people are still reluctant to shop online for parts in case they don't get exactly what they paid for, as well as many retail outlets providing additional support on how to fix the caravan awning spares to your vehicle. To get around this problem, there are many specialist websites online who offer fantastic guides to help you find the part you need and install it yourself. The range of parts you'll find online is unbeatable, and will prevent your travelling around to find the part you need.

Don't just repair, improve!

While having to carry out repair work on your awning is never a good thing, you can always turn it into a positive. Use this as an opportunity to review all the parts of your awning, and replace any which are looking slightly worse for wear before they cause additional damage. Caravan awning spares can help spruce up your vehicle, so be sure to invest in the right parts.