How will you travel around Australia?

If you want to spend some time travelling around Australia then there are various ways you could choose to travel. You could choose to take a tent or a caravan or a camper trailer on your travels. Each of these have advantages and disadvantages.

Travelling with a tent

A tent is always the cheapest option, and carrying minimal gear will allow you to go off-trail and to reach almost anywhere in the country that you want to explore. The big disadvantage is that tents aren't the most comfortable option. If you are travelling for a prolonged period you will soon miss having a comfortable bed to sleep in and the other amenities a travelling home can offer.

Travelling with a caravan

Caravans are the most expensive option for travelling accommodation, although they do offer the highest degree of comfort during your journey. Caravans often come with features such as air-con, television and separate bathrooms and bedrooms, they also don't require to be set up each evening before you can sleep. In addition to the increased purchase costs, caravans are heavier to tow than camper trailers meaning that you will have higher fuel costs and may even need a larger vehicle to complete your journey. You could also find that some of the areas that you want to visit during your trip are inaccessible while towing a caravan.

Travelling with a camper trailer

Instead of roughing it in a tent or having your itinerary restricted by a caravan why not choose a camper trailer? There are various types of camper trailers you could choose. Some of them are lighter and safer to tow than caravans. The smaller size of camper trailers can grant you access to off-road areas that a caravan just can't reach, and the canvas roofing can offer you that 'back to nature' experience that so many enjoy while camping.

The three most common forms of camper trailer are:

  • The soft floor tent type which is set up by taking away the cover made of soft vinyl, pulling out the canvas and stretching out the internal frame.
  • The flip-over camper which is generally supplied with a hard-top which opens at the back and turns into a suspended floor.
  • The find-up camper which comes with a hard roof and floor and is internally similar to a caravan.

Whichever type of accommodation you choose for your around-Australia trip make sure you think about where you want to go and the level of comfort you will need during your trip and purchase something you can be happy using for an extended period of time.